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Liv-Herbal Formula verses conventional treatment

The liver is one of the most vital, multifunctional organs. It performs vital roles in regulating, synthesizing, storing, secreting, transforming, and breaking down many different substances in the body. All these important functions can be altered if liver is damaged. Liver can be damaged due to infection such as Viral Hepatitis (Hep-A,B,C,D,E), Drugs and Toxins, Cancer, Malaria, Fatty infiltration and Alcohol.

Hundreds of millions of people are suffering from Viral and non-viral liver diseases such as Cirrhosis, Alcoholic and Fatty Liver Diseases. One out of every three individuals living on earth has some form of liver problem but most of them do not even know about it.

The shocking reality is that despite billions of dollars spent in research, no one in the world has developed any effective medicine for liver and to the best of our knowledge there is no drug available that can repair liver damage.

How is liver disease (e.g. Cirrhosis) treated by conventional medicine?

  • Treatment is directed at managing the complications of cirrhosis and preventing further liver damage.
  • Damaging medications and alcohol are stopped.
  • Bleeding varices are treated by upper endoscopy with banding.
  • Excess abdominal fluid is treated with diuretics, fluid and salt restriction and removal of fluid (paracentesis).
  • Coagulopathy may be treated with blood products or vitamin K.
  • Encephalopathy is treated with medication, lactulose and avoiding diet high in protein.
  • Infections are treated with antibiotic.
  • If cirrhosis progresses, a liver transplant is considered.

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    A careful evaluation of the above treatments clearly indicates that there is not much modern medicine can offer for the treatment of liver diseases as none of the above treatments directly help, repair or recover the liver rather all are either addressing the symptom or the cause. There is no proven effective medicine for liver diseases while there is Interferon therapy but limited to only Viral Hepatitis and with huge cost still does not work in all cases and not every one can tolerate its side effects.

    Since 2002, Liv-Herbal Formula has been helping patients with almost every form of liver disease including patients who are waiting for liver transplant. It has improved liver function, reduced elevated liver enzymes and bilirubin and reduced Hepatitis C and B viral count in the blood by 98 % to 99 % and saved many lives.